Although an email marketing campaign is a well-studied subset of marketing, there are still unknown variables and complexities regarding this promotional strategy. There are many data points to remember when trying to understand how consumers respond to email marketing. Email marketing has established itself as one of the most successful Benin Phone Number  direct marketing platforms. It has a staggering 4200% ROI today, indicating that it is as successful as ever. The only thing that varies in email marketing is the tactics involved. What worked five years ago doesn’t work today. However, the trick is to change tactics rather than leaving email marketing altogether.

Integrate User Experience

Customers are reconsidering businesses’ customer-centric digital interactions and experiences due to the current pandemic. The days of hard selling are over. Email users, including website visitors, want to be treated as valuable contacts. However, brands that don’t put their customers at the heart of their plan will fall behind. Brands that prioritize customer experience, on the other hand, will grow. According to a Salesforce study, 88% of consumers want marketers to boost their digital efforts.

Have Mobile-friendly Emails

Email Database

Mobile devices account for up to 60% of all email marketing engagements. Most people check their phones for texts, calls, and emails as soon as they wake up, but if your emails aren’t responding, you’re going to miss out. Customers can either delete or unsubscribe from you. Even if they don’t, you can guarantee that they won’t open or read them, compromising the intent of sending them in the first place. The most important thing to remember here is to use a flexible messaging interface. Also use short subject lines and pre-headers.

Make CTAs large and visible regardless of screen size. 3. Improve your CTAs One of the most critical mistakes email marketers make is not identifying their calls to action (CTAs). Customers don’t know what to do, which lowers conversion rates. If you want them to visit your website for more traffic, complete a transaction, call, or complete a survey, your goal should be clear. And if customers read your email, if they can’t figure out what you want them to do, they’ll delete it or ignore it.

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