An all-too-common mistake when sending sales emails (or any type of outreach email) is neglecting the follow-up sequence. Sales teams are all about sending a great upfront email, while sales follow-up emails become little more than a tick box exercise. This is a huge oversight, as research has shown time and time again that most sales result from a follow-up sales email. So why are sales reps still: Are you sending bad emails? Improperly timing Lebanon Phone Number  their emails (e.g. waiting too long to send a follow up, not long enough, or being too persistent and sending too many emails? You just didn’t bother to follow up? If you’re guilty of any of them, you won’t generate as many leads or close as many sales as you could – guaranteed.

Sales Follow-up Email Templates

Below are 14 sales follow-up email templates from my own archives that I’ve picked up from various other websites. This means that others use them and may well use them in their own follow-ups. Unless you want to risk cluttering prospects’ inboxes with duplicate emails, you should use them as inspiration, not gospel. Before you send out your first set of sales follow-up emails, take a few minutes to customize and personalize your chosen template. Then give it a quick review before shipping it.

Make Replying a One-touch Task

Lebanon Phone Number
Lebanon Phone Number

You’ve probably seen something to this effect before – or I’m guessing you have, as this type of email pops up in my inbox quite often. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it yourself. This format is popular because it works. And it works because it’s incredibly easy for prospects to respond. Remember that if you use it, you will have to be very careful how you adapt it. Example 1: Answer me with a number I see you’re too busy to respond right now. Could you please answer me with a 1-2-3 number which best describes your answer?

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