It’s no secret that cold email templates can make you more effective at sending cold email campaigns…with one caveat. B2B email templates should be used as a starting point to help speed up the process of sending cold emails, but there’s a balance to be struck between sending an awareness campaign by completely template-based cold email (never a good idea) and 100% personalized email (gets results, but is really inefficient and time-consuming). Lithuania Phone Number Below are 15 cold email templates, along with tips on how to use them from a conversation I had with Rex Biberston, co-founder and COO of The Sales Developers.

Link Your B2b Sales Emails to a Recent Event

I just saw the news about {{trigger event}}. Congratulation! Usually when this happens {{insert value prop}} becomes a priority. So I thought you might be interested to know how we helped {{similar company}} {{benefit}}. I know things at {{company name}} must be crazy right now, but if you want to know more, let’s set up a quick call. What does {{specific day and time}} look like on your calendar? Otherwise, here is a link to my calendar or feel free to send me yours. Download this model Template by: Reply This approach is a winner. Because it shows that you are not sending out a mass email campaign to every target business. That might have a slim chance of being interested in your product. Instead, you’ve noticed something that your ideal customer has specifically done. And you’ve tailored it to your product.

Ask for an Introduction

Lithuania Phone Number
Lithuania Phone Number

And saw that you were in contact with them. I don’t know how connected you are with them, but if the relationship is strong, I would really appreciate an introduction to discuss ways they can work with {{your company}}. Please let me know if you feel comfortable doing this and I will send you a suitable request for introduction which you can pass on to them. Download this model Model by: Scott Britton of Life Long Learner I don’t see this approach used often. In theory, that could be a bad sign, but in this case, I don’t think it is. We all know it’s easier to get a positive response from a prospect if a mutual connection introduces you. This model reverses that approach by having a stranger initiate the introduction instead of a common connection.

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