Whether it’s answering an email in the elevator or checking the “your order is on the way” email in a meeting that could have been an email, we all constantly use email on our mobile devices. Indeed, 42% of emails are now opened on a mobile device; therefore, being able to execute marketing campaigns that work effectively and display well on mobile Spain Phone Number devices is a must for e-commerce brands. Here’s what our Essence of Email experts have to say to help you optimize your emails to create the best mobile experience.

What Devices and Email Clients

While in a perfect world you’d optimize your emails to look flawless across all devices and email clients. In reality, that’s pretty hard to achieve. A smart thing to do is to identify the devices and clients that the majority of your subscribers are using. And provide them with the best possible experience first. You can check this data with your email service provider (ESP) and various analysis software. Here is the overview for Klaviyo users: Screenshot of a Klaviyo report on email. Performance by domain and email client To use Google Analytics to monitor. The devices your customers use to read emails and interact with your website, set up UTM tracking for all links in your emails. You can check the results in your Google Analytics account, in the Audience/Mobile/Devices report, by setting the Secondary dimension to Source/Medium.

Write Meaningful Pre-headers

Email Database

Including compelling pre-headers is a great way to increase your email open rates. Also known as the “Johnson Box,” pre-headers typically describe what your email is about and entice recipients to keep reading. So even before your recipients have opened your email, they will have the opportunity to preview its content. Maximize the power of your pre-headers by using strong verbs that help your readers. Imagine exactly what you’re trying to describe — and don’t forget to include the main point of your email.

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