Don’t have Photoshop or an in-house design team? Canva makes creating images easy. With a ton of free templates that look like they have a graphic design degree, this solution lets you remove marketing images in minutes. We use it for creating slideshows and creating Facebook ads, among other things. Canvas design studio 2. Giphy: Giphy is the go-to resource for gifs. If the audience you are writing to is millennials or younger, this website should be in your content creation toolkit. When you find the perfect GIF for your blog post 3. Fiverr: Many teams have their in-house designers dedicated to higher priority projects, such as client designs or larger internal tasks. If you need small design jobs like editing photos, creating banners, transcribing podcasts, and similar tasks, Fiverr is a decent resource.

*Note: You get what you pay for. The starter Austria Phone Number project deals are $5, so don’t be surprised if you get something shoddy. Go for upgrades. In the end, it will likely be cheaper than the time and resources you would spend in-house.

Image Compression and Optimization

Many people don’t understand how image optimization affects your user experience. If you do NOT optimize or compress images before uploading them to your site, you are feeding your site quite large files, which eventually accumulate and can dramatically slow your site’s load time. Don’t forget this step! Here are some great resources: 10. Tinypng 11. Image Optim (good for Macs)


Email Database

While CloudPeeps is a hub for sourcing all types of freelance professionals — like Upwork — I’ve personally found great success hiring CloudPeeps writers. You can use this platform to hire for a one-time project or a longer-term gig. CloudPeeps support is also very thorough, so if you ever have any questions. A member of customer support is very quick to respond. As mentioned above in the “Imagery” section, Upwork is a fantastic resource for finding freelance writers (especially ones you want to hire long-term).


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