Without a doubt, emails are an effective way to engage an audience and drive purchases. The average return on investment for a successful email marketing campaign is 3800% or $38 for every dollar invested. No wonder 59% of marketers strongly believe that email influences purchasing decisions. Due to the high ROI they promise, email continues Belize Phone Number List to reign supreme as one of the best marketing channels for small business owners. In fact, companies plan to allocate a higher percentage of their marketing budget to email marketing campaigns.

Hone Your Storytelling Skills

If you want to engage and inspire your audience to take action on your behalf, tell a story. Who doesn’t love a good story? It makes a business look human and relatable. See how Tim Schmoyer, the video marketing expert, shares how he took time off from YouTube to spend time with loved ones (he added an image too!). Believe it or not, this narration is deeply connected to his newsletter (a guide to whether entrepreneurship is for you). But it hooked me! I read the entire email and downloaded the ebook as well. Check out this promotional email from Nykaa

Optimize the Subject Line

Email Database

Subject lines cannot be ignored because they are the first things your recipient encounters. Different mobile devices display different character lengths for the subject line. However, the rule of thumb is to have a subject line of 30-35 characters (and around 35 for pre-header text). Here are some example subject lines (marked in blue) where 35 characters are visible. Those marked in red will not be visible on mobiles.

Mobile screens are small. Therefore, to engage your mobile recipients, it’s best to keep your content short and scannable. For example, breaking content into short paragraphs or sharing a bulleted list can make emails more consumable, improving UX and increasing the chance of conversions.

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