With the end of summer, one word looms large in the minds of marketers: vacation. Big sales kick off earlier every year, so it’s never too early to start strategizing to ensure your brand captures the biggest slice of the revenue pie. But before your plans are fully cooked, take the time to put data behind your decisions with pre-holiday testing. As digital traffic explodes in Cyber ​​Week and beyond, achieving a gradual increase in your core KPIs can lead Sweden Phone Number to a dramatic increase in revenue. Testing your way through an optimized schedule is now your best bet to blow it out of the water this holiday season.

Type of Promotion

In email marketing, there is no resuming or resuming. So it can be a little difficult to get your Cyber ​​Week deal(s) right. While running a competitive analysis helps you gauge how your offers stack up against similar brands. It won’t necessarily tell you what types of promotions resonate with yourpublic. Get a read of the best motivators for your database by testing various offers. To see what converts best and apply those learnings to your holiday promotional strategy. Pro tip: You’ll always want to reserve your biggest discounts or hottest deals for Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday, so take a more conservative approach during the testing phase.

Vip Treatment

Email Database

You don’t need to have a fancy VIP rewards program to build and capitalize on brand loyalty while on vacation. Create simple segmentation within your ESP to identify cohorts of existing and potential VIPs based on number of purchases. Purchase frequency, or recent/total spend, based on the right loyalty metrics for your brand. Once these audiences are created. Test the most optimal opportunities to give them special treatment to inform your approach to the holidays.

Site traffic naturally increases during the holidays. So dialing in your email capture methods will allow you to significantly grow your list. For retargeting later during the busy shopping season and beyond. Make the most of this spike in visitors by optimizing your email. Capture pop-ups to trigger at the right time and offer the right sign-up incentive.


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