Have you ever received a sales call where the salesperson started with “How are you?” Reporting questions like this can help you build rapport. But something as basic as “How are you?” has been overused to the point that it looks scripted and is instantly recognizable as a sales call. And the thing is, being pleasant but predictable doesn’t Latvia Phone Number do much to build a real relationship with your prospects. Since you have so little time to connect with them, why waste it on empty filler when you could be saying something much more effective?

The Benefits of Building Relationships

In the high-pressure world of sales, it can seem like taking the time to nurture a relationship is a luxury you can’t afford, and every contact with a prospect should be viewed as an opportunity to close the deal. as quickly as possible. . But that’s not how sales work anymore. Buyers need to know they can trust sales reps, that their needs are understood, and that the representative they’re talking to has the knowledge and expertise to recommend a solution to their problems. It’s nearly impossible to achieve this without first taking the time to establish a relationship with your prospect. This is because investing in the report:

Good Relationship Building Questions

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Latvia Phone Number

A successful sale is all about asking the right questions. But building a good relationship with your prospects is just as essential. As learning more about their business, their needs, and their pain points. Issues that build rapport go beyond the superficial level. They’re highly personalized, and not something anyone could answer (i.e. ” How was your visit to the lake this weekend?” vs ” How was your weekend ?” end?” ). You still need to be professional, of course, but adding a personal element to show you cared will take you that much further.

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