If you’re strategizing for your marketing mix, the most critical factor is emails. But why, as you might wonder? Well, as we know, it’s the easiest and most responsive way to approach customers. Considering that around 85% of the global audience and 91% of the US have an email address. existing email and check their inbox daily. Therefore, if you are really trying to communicate with the audience and generate revenue. Email marketing is Bolivia Phone Number undeniably the best of all. We are sure you may have many questions about how to start an email campaign. When should emails sent  people? How do I create a potential mailing list?

Build Trust Before Launching

It will also show that you are making special efforts to create a sense of personal connection. You can also invite queries, reviews, and comments to engage customers and let them know you want to hear from them. The feeling that they are essential can provide many of the answers you have been looking for. Create a customer flow: Map out the workflow of how you want to connect with the audience, your tone, goals, brand perspective, and other related factors. You can also set a series of welcome emails that can activate new users and guide them to your business and purchase your product or services. To generate more revenue, you can set up an abandon browsing or abandon cart campaign.

You can send emails with a summary of the items the customer viewed during their browsing session or left in the cart. This way you can remind customers to end the pending purchase session.

Choose Marketing Automation:

Email Database

Many believe that marketing automation is not personal and can ruin your brand image with bot-like communication. However, this is not true. It actually makes your communication process more personal. To your surprise, it can be used to send emails based on individual customer behavior. Marketing automation ensures that no two people receive the same emails. Another element of automation is event-based marketing automation that can be used at every stage of the mapping process to encourage audiences to do exactly what you want.

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