Here is a welcome offer from our partner agency, Fostr, for their client, Bohemia. They use the “Get Code” button as an email submission. This text serves as a subtle reminder that if the user enters their email address, they will be rewarded with a discount code. The idea that the visitor receives something (the code) rather than giving something (their email) encourages conversion. For the close button, the “No thanks” copy implies that users South Korea Phone Number should actually decline the discount. The idea that they say they don’t want it is meant to make users think twice before closing the promotion.

Full-screen Pop-up Window

For its cosmetics client, Florence by Mills, Fostr created a full-screen takeover promotion that functioned as a landing page to collect pre-launch data. They used two CTAs in one promotion, allowing the visitor to select their preferred method of communication. Each CTA opened a new page with an email or SMS field, depending on which option you clicked. This strategy is based on the fact that a user is more likely to engage and stay subscribed if they have the ability to choose their preferred method of contact.

Email Lead Capture

Email Database

For this brand, Visiture used an alternative CTA copy strategy. As an opportunity to highlight a playful tone and boost the overall brand image. They kept active language but avoided using a standard “Buy Now” message. CTAs are a great opportunity to showcase your brand personality and entertain your target audience. Depending on your brand’s tone of voice, you can play around with alternate copy on CTAs. But success here relies on maintaining a strong brand tone and a thorough. Understanding of what resonates with your target audience. Be consistent, but have fun with it!

In this example, Visitation added an animation to grab a subscriber’s attention, while using reinforcing copy to draw attention to the email’s main value proposition. The purpose of this email is to bring the subscriber back to their website and at the same time educate them on what makes Park Seed’s product great.


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