Did you know that over 144 billion emails are sent every day? Of course, the vast majority of them are trying to sell Viagra and enlargement tools, but even if only 1% of them are serious emails that leave huge competition – and that’s something that top marketing experts can all agree on. And unless you have a well-designed plan, you’ll have a hard time competing in this type of market. For this reason, it is important that you do your research, that you Cayman Islands Phone Number understand your options. Today we’re going to discuss some of the best email marketing strategies and how to make them work for you so you’ll be ahead of the competition if that’s how you decide to do it. your marketing.

Personalize Your Emails

Ok, let’s first dispel a myth, personalization doesn’t mean you have to include the recipient’s name. It can actually be counterproductive. Why? Because there are more and more concerns about cyber security and your email might be a phishing attack, where you try to get user’s information. There are other ways to personalize your email. What do I mean with that? I mean you make sure you know who your audience is (you’ve done your market research, right?) and you can play to what interests them and what they want to hear about and embed directly into your email.

Use What They Bought to Suggest

Email Database

Another form of personalization is using what people have already purchased to give them things they might want. Did they buy car mats for BMWs? Then offer them the option to buy tires as well. Did they buy baby clothes? So give them a pram. You are even able to say why you are offering this to them. This type of personalization is not half as likely to offend. Instead, the majority will be grateful – especially if you give them discounts or freebies for being repeat customers (we love discounts and freebies –

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