Drive more organic traffic to your site, and of course, boost your overall sales. With Ahrefs you can enter your competitor’s URL and see: Which keywords they’re ranking for. How many search results include those keywords. The ranking position of each keyword. How much traffic is visiting your competitor. Their PPC ad budget. Want to know who is linking to your competitors? Ahrefs can tell you that too. Here’s how to find what a competitors top ranked pages are. Screenshot showing ahrefs data on a website Here’s how to see where your competitors are getting their best backlinks from.

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The higher the rating, the better. Screenshot showing ahrefs data on a website The key to knowing this information is that you can see exactly who is linking to your  armenia cell phone numbers   competitors. So you can reach out to them to build a relationship and hopefully get them to armenia cell phone numbers link to you instead. If your Shopify shop relies heavily on Facebook traffic, if you sell anything using the Facebook platform. Or if your competitors are often found advertising on Facebook, FadFeed is the tool for you.

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This free to use Chrome extension takes away all of your friends and families feed items on Facebook, leaving you with nothing but ads to study. Check out your competition’s ad strategies, take a look at their online shops to see what they’re doing there, and mimic what you feel are effective techniques. Screenshot showing a facebook ad FadFeed is great as you can get ideas of advertisers that are targeting you. Also, you need to KNOW the company that you want to spy on their ads, in order to utilize info and ads on Facebook. TOOL/STRATEGY #6: PANJIVA If you want to know about your Shopify competition’s suppliers,

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