The “gold mine” of any marketing consultant or agency is to know who is the ideal client of their clients. From there, the strategy is to offer the content that exactly those people need. How they need it and when they need it. But ONLY those people and NOT everyone. Creating the profile or precise x-ray is the result of a complex process. Which is called the search for the Buyer Persona or ideal client. Today you are going to know. What it consists of and how to find your own, in order to stop giving blind shots. We start: What is the Buyer Persona? A “ buyer person ” is a profile. Of a potential buyer of your product or service. We are going to do the example. With Spain as a region, because the region determines and greatly affects the results of our profiles.

Remember that we have chosen Spain because we need to have a base region. That we will use to do the exercise, but you can replicate these lessons in any other country and thus build your ideal buyer personas. ‘Attack’ the heart of your Buyer person The fundamental core on which we are going to create the profiles is made up of age, gender – or identification – area where you live or live – we will explain the difference between the two later – and average income. On this skeleton begins to rise a “typical client” that we consider to be the most likely buyer of our products or services. In the event that our product or service is B2B, we must add in the information core of our buyer person their position.

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Or seniority in the company to which we want to sell Bolivia phone number and fictitiously create. That company defining sector. Income and number of employees. Or failing that, it is also worth choosing a real company that exists in the market and that we consider would be the ideal client for our B2B products. We will assign that company to our buyer person and within that company, we will give it a range. The rank, the position in the company, is important, because having a CEO or manager with purchasing power as a buyer person will not be the same as having a base-level employee. In “Ecommerce Masters”, we tell you how to sell B2B with the help of Iñaki Alcaraz: Don’t miss the next episode! Subscribe to Shopify Ecommerce Masters. To help you put this knowledge into practice, we want to do a profiling exercise with you.

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We are going to start by having a blank sheet in which we will be completing the following fields! NAME: AGE: GENDER OR IDENTIFICATION: AREA WHERE YOU LIVE OR LIVING: AVERAGE INCOME: DESCRIPTION: (This section is a blank box that we will fill in at the end of the page) If our product or service is a B2B product or service then we also add BUSINESS: POSITION: We must have this basic information. Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address Surely you will ask yourself the name too? , because in large marketing agencies it is often marked many times – especially those agencies that make many profiles – as a buyer person “Middle class active man” or “Upper class executive woman” and things like that.

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Because they are so used to the methodology part that they do not require a greater emotional incentive to fit these profiles into one type or another of potential buyer. But we recommend that as a creative exercise , as a stimulus and also as a sign of dedication to your imaginary people – who in the end are going to be your best customers because they are going to help you sell a lot and well – give each one a REAL name. : Marcos Saavedra, Fernando Sacristán, Maricarmen García , etc. This will help you focus even more on your profiles. Think about the ‘feelings’ and aspirations of that ideal client Once you have that basic information, it is time to fill in the DESCRIPTION box and for this we are going to add those humanizing characteristics that are often the ones that make the difference between one person and another.

What are your life goals, your dreams? What problems do you have at work or in your daily life? Where do you go for information? It looks like we’re playing Ouija board here, but we’re not. These questions are not trivial: they are key for us to put ourselves in the shoes of the audience we want to conquer. Questions that also, let us remember, are fictitious, like our person. We are the ones who are going to answer these questions based on the person we are imagining. We are going to explain how to do this process explaining why these questions are important one by one. What are your life goals, your dreams? This is basic to understand what motivates our person, what pushes him to go out every day.

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