The specific actions for improvement, both for customers and for the environment. All this can be applied in all types of online stores. It doesn’t matter if they are new or growing. Although, depending on the phase in which the business is. It is recommended to always have a main strategy and a backup strategy. At this point, you may be wondering, “Are there different types of strategies?” Well yes. In fact, here we present two of the main and most used. Which you may be able to use in your own market study: Cost leadership strategy. It is mainly focused on keeping your online store at high levels of competition in relation. To the costs of the products you offer compared to your competition.

Competitive difference strategy for is to obtain something. That they will not find in the competition, so your main objective is to create added value in each sale. So that each customer segment perceives your efforts and considers you different from the rest. rest. This strategy includes elements such as design, corporate image, customer service. Website, live chat, social networks, payment and shipping methods, etc. Market studies. Real examples Now you are going to see three real examples of market studies. That have been essential for success in their respective markets . Although market research is used by almost every company in the world. These are the three real examples that have caught our attention the most.

What The Customer Is Looking

Alibaba The success of this Chinese distribution USA phone number company lies. In a market study that allowed them to discover that there was a need that was not covered. Many small Chinese companies that wanted to export their products to the rest. Of the world had great problems when it came to contacting importers from other places. So Jack Ma – founder of Alibaba – made the right decision. To create a B2B platform that would connect Chinese companies with importers from all over the world . Although Nestlé’s presence in Mexico dates back to the 1930s. Thanks to good market research, this company has managed to position itself. As a benchmark for healthy nutrition for babies.

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Their market research used data from sources like Google Trends. The conclusion of the same suggested that in Mexico many consumers attach great importance to healthy eating for their children. And towards that line of business they went by creating the Gerber Orgánica brand, whose activity is to market organic food for Mexican children. market study of a project Uber This well-known transport platform had to carry out a large market study to find investors who trusted their business idea. But thanks to that document, they were sure that their idea of ​​looking for transportation through a mobile application was viable. Furthermore, Uber’s own market research was also conclusive in finding that user ratings were the key to attracting new users . objectives of a market study Do you already know how to do a market study? There are no more excuses to allow your marketing strategy to be incomplete.

Market Research Steps Organic Gerber

Remember that doing a market study is essential to know what the business potential of your online store is , both in the environment and with your current and potential customers. We invite you to share your experiences with us in the comments below. Stop spinning: Do you have a business idea? Get started with Shopify free for 14 days, no credit card details required Email address Email address Let’s start! What is online fraud? The explosion of ecommerce has brought thousands of good things to Mexico, but like everything in life, these good things have to be accompanied by a bit of bitterness: online fraud. Not without first reminding you that if you haven’t started your project on the Internet yet, now you can try it for free.


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