Well, just that — a blender. Feature-driven content is more vital to differentiating your product when you’re selling a complicated item at high rates. Otherwise, Nauru Email List it’s the benefits and user-focused value that’s going to help you make the sale. See the 10% landing page Nauru Email List conversion rate we got using feature-focused copy to sell a complicated item 14. BENEFIT & Nauru Email List VALUE-FOCUSED COPY If feature-driven copy is where you get to explain the “what” of your product. Then benefit-driven copy is where you get to explain the “why.” The key here is to be specific with the benefits your product provides users.

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The obvious benefits won’t work here. In Nauru Email List the blender example, listing “blended fruit smoothies” as a benefit isn’t going to work. But, some benefits like the ones below might. Easy-pour lid ensures there’s no spillage when serving The above examples of benefit-driven copy focus on speaking in terms of. What customers value — the benefits of a product that makes their lives easier. If you want to take it one step further, benefit-driven copy can include “value-driven copy” that monetizes these different benefits.

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Screenshot showing a tire product page Putting an actual dollar amount to the benefit is a great way to increase engagement. Now, it might not work so well for blenders, so we’ll look at a different example here. Let’s consider your ecommerce site is now selling cars. The benefits (and their value) of the new car model you’re selling could look something like this. Tires last two times as long as any other car, yet are the same price (50% the cost on replacements). Shatter and scratch proof windshield (zero future repair costs) 1.5 times the average MPG (50% savings on gas) When you get an actual product,

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