Most marketers no longer need convincing that content marketing is a key strategy to engage customers – but too many organizations try to juice returns by generating more content through more channels at faster speeds. Such an approach has no strategic basis whatsoever and is doomed to fail. Why do marketers do it? In part, it’s a tech problem. The options for funneling more content through a greater number of touchpoints increase daily. Cloud-based platforms, dynamic web pages, a wealth Denmark Cell Phone Number of social media channels, and countless other innovations aim to help marketers automate processes and scale their efforts. Just push another button, and better and better tools will make marketing magic happen. But the key question from a content marketing perspective is not how fast.

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How easily, or how much marketers are able to disseminate; instead, you must ask what kind of content will best connect your brand with your buyers and Denmark Cell Phone Numbers customers. Content marketing’s fundamental goal isn’t to convey brand information to the organization’s main audiences; it’s to drive specific business outcomes. Any effort to accelerate content that fails to also achieve positive – and measurable – outcomes in sales, revenues, and profits is no strategy at all. So organizations don’t get the full value of their investment in content. Accelerate demand. Not noise According to the 2014 ANNUITAS survey, buyer insights, Denmark Cell Phone Number content consumption patterns, and content architecture. Failing to integrate any of these three elements into the content marketing strategy will ultimately cause a demand-generation program to fail.

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And augmenting the wrong tactics will make it fail even faster. a mere 2.8% of B2B marketers with enterprise-wide responsibilities. From a content marketer’s perspective, this is a Denmark Cell Phone Number devastating statistic. And since marketing’s ultimate goal is to increase demand for an organization’s products or services. Such a high rate of dissatisfaction implies considerable. Waste in content marketing’s potential value. But Understanding how to create content specific to demand generation is the key to augmenting Denmark Cell Phone Numbers successful content marketing results. But It all begins with a documented content marketing strategy. Define key elements of a customer-centric strategy An effective content marketing strategy. Is built on three core components.

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