Keyword Difficulty” button next to the standard Google search bar. Which provides an interesting insight on niche competitiveness in search results. Mozbar-keyword-difficulty It also displays the domain and page authority stats. As well as backlinks data below each search result in Google. This is helpful for a quick overview and comparison of results. mozbar-google-backlinks-search Click to Italy Phone Numbers enlarge Available on: Chrome, Firefox 9. Impactana Content Marketing Toolbar impactana-content-marketing-toolbar. Click to enlarge Impactana is a handy toolbar and provides a lot of useful features, especially for content research. You can discover the popularity of the viewed page with its Buzz score and its Impact score.

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The Buzz score relies on social media statistics (which are displayed as well). Such as shares on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Xing. The Impact score is based on signals of content resonance, including the numbers of views, comments, downloads, and incoming backlinks. Other Italy Phone Numbers features packed in this extension include the presentation of information about the author of viewed content, along with direct links to his social profiles and date of the page’s last update. Additionally, the Impactana toolbar not only provides an option to share the page on social media; it also has built-in buttons for sharing with Buffer Italy Phone Numbers and HubSpot, adding to Pocket, and finally sending the page by email. Available on: Chrome, Firefox 10. Riffle by CrowdRiff riffle-screenshot Click to enlarge Riffle is a Twitter analytics plug-in.

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The simple, yet comprehensive browser extension dashboard allows. You to measure several advanced metrics about Twitter users: number of tweets, followers, descriptions, and links to Italy Phone Numbers other detected social profiles. You also can find interesting insights on performance, including: Retweets/tweet ratio Favorites/tweet ratio Top hashtags Top mentions Top URLs Average tweets/day Activity breakdown (new tweets vs. retweets vs. replies) By clicking on the Riffle button in your toolbar, a sidebar slides out to the right Italy Phone Numberss and you can search for data by any user name. also can access the dashboard metrics by right-clicking on a Twitter user name and selecting “Riffle this account,” or simply by clicking.

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