Another great advantage that this platform has is its own payment processor , Mercadopago. A tool that provides security and confidence to millions of consumers who choose to use Mercado Libre to buy online. Mercadopago is, as its name indicates, a platform’s own payment system, which can be used to collect or pay for any product or service within Mercadolibre. The main advantage of this payment method is its high level of protection for the seller. Mercadopago makes a retention of the seller’s money, until the client receives the package and confirms that everything is in order. This is one of the key points why many consumers choose to buy in ecommerce with a presence in Mercado Libre. In addition, to facilitate the integration of your online store with Mercado Libre, Shopify offers you these apps that can be very useful: Bitmeli Mercado Libre Import and Synchro Ventiapp Free Market astroselling.

The first step is to enter the web page, you can do it from Google or through this link . Once you enter the home page, you will see a list with the different countries in which this marketplace is available. They are 18 in total. Enter the platform Choose the country from which your online store operates. You can choose to sell on Mercadolibre if you are in these countries: Mexico Brazil Argentina Venezuela Or any of the 18 countries listed The registration process is the same in all of them, and only the information requested will vary. Start filling out the registration form Once you have entered the platform of the country where your business is located, you must go to the upper right part of the screen, there you will find some options.

Enter The Hungary Phone Number Platform

Start filling out the registration form. This Hungary Phone Number option will take you to a page where you should start filling out a form. This step is very important, since it is necessary to have your DNI or identity document of your choice at hand. Form Both the name and the surname that you place must agree with the one that appears on the identity document. This way Mercadolibre makes sure that you are a real person and you are not falsifying your registration. Each person can create only one account per document, so it’s important not to use your documents by creating “test” accounts. Confirm your account through the email they have sent you Once you have registered your data, you will receive a message to the email you chose.

Hungary Phone Number

You must enter the code that you received by email in the box that appears on the registration screen. Once you do, your account will be confirmed and you will have access to all the functions of the platform. Including the option to sell. How to sell in Mercado Libre Venezuela? Once you have your account created, the next step is to start selling. This is very easy, and in fact anyone can start selling on Mercadolibre once they have created their account. Being on the main screen, go to the top menu and look for the option that says “Sell”. How to sell in Mercado Libre? This will take you to another screen where you will begin to fill out a questionnaire to determine the type of product you are going to sell, or if it is a service, vehicle or property.

Start Filling Out Hungary Phone Number The Registration

It is something quite easy and intuitive, in a short time you will learn to upload products quickly and easily. Something interesting about Mercado Libre is that it has an artificial intelligence system that allows you to help you complete the different fields that are requested depending on the product you want to sell. It is a fairly efficient system, and it quickly detects the characteristics of the products based on their name. ➡ The information you must complete may vary depending on the type of product or service and the category in which it is located. Once you have completed your product file with all the necessary information, there is one last step to take. Here you will have to complete your profile information.

By filling in this information, you can click the button that says “Save and Publish”, and your first product will have been published successfully. Tips to sell on Mercadolibre successfully Here are some tips with which you can successfully start selling all your products through Mercado Libre, regardless of the region in which you are selling. Be as specific as possible with your products When completing your product file, make sure you fill in as many fields as possible. The more information you include, the more visibility your posts will have and the more attention they will receive from consumers. Learn to write product descriptions that sell themselves. Follow these 9 foolproof steps. Do your product sheets receive visits but nobody ends up adding them to their shopping cart? We have the solution.

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