It’s almost unfair to pit one of our highest and lowest rated solutions against each other. We’ve written extensively about how ActiveCampaign is one of the most powerful newsletter tools you can use for your business thanks to their mastery of automations. Meanwhile, AWeber disappointed us with their lack of features and sometimes confusing editor. However, Malaysia Phone Number it’s worth going into detail about what each platform offers. Who knows, maybe you’d be better off with the underdog this time around? Let’s find out below:

Ease of Use and Editor

With a fast and neat backend, ActiveCampaign’s platform offers a great user experience . Which is funny because they have a ton of features, and that usually means more complexity. But nothing to complain about here: the management of lists and subscribers is both flexible, powerful and easy to do. Another example of great UX is when creating campaigns: you can check the previous and next steps, which makes the process quick and easy to review. active navigation system campaign 1 ActiveCampaign’s Campaign Navigation System AWeber , on the other hand, can be a bit confusing . For example, some options are hidden unnecessarily, such as reusing a campaign or choosing sender addresses. Their naming also muddies things up.

For example, they call the regular newsletter “Broadcast” and say “Campaigns” when talking about email automation. Your main selector is the list of subscribers, which makes it more difficult to access campaigns and automations. And finally, they lack a workflow-based visual navigation menu like ActiveCampaign’s.

Design and Flexibility

Email Database

ActiveCampaign offers over 125 responsive and modern templates. They also let you change the layouts, which adds flexibility to the templates, especially with all their customization options. You can also code in HTML if you are comfortable with that. active campaign templates AWeber gives you plenty of out-of-the-box options, with 150 templates available in different color combinations. However, the editor feels a bit clunky and lacks flexibility. Like ActiveCampaign, HTML is also available. aweber email templates AWeber’s models Winner : Based on the number of models alone, AWeber would win this round. But we’d rather have less choice with prettier templates and a sleeker editor. So ActiveCampaign takes an extra point here .

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