Homepage Articles Advertising by e-mail ActiveCampaign vs Drip: Tied in Marketing Automation? ActiveCampaign vs Drip: Tied in Marketing Automation? Posted: 2019-05-29 ActiveCampaign vs Drip In the small and medium business space, two big names often come up in conversations around the best email marketing automation software: ActiveCampaign and Drip . ActiveCampaign has steadily earned a reputation as a leader in marketing automation over the past 15 years, serving over 70,000 businesses worldwide. Base offerings include its powerful workflow editor and built-in CRM . Drip, which launched in 2013, is the newer of the two. However, that hasn’t stopped it from rapidly gaining traction with companies looking to take advantage of its “eCommerce CRM” features and intuitive automations. But if you’re trying to decide between ActiveCampaign and Drip, which should you choose?

I tested both email marketing services and Mexico Phone Number identified which one I think would work best for most (but maybe not all) users.

Ease of Navigation and Email Editor

Let’s start by looking at how easy it is to get started with each tool. Drip has a dynamic and modern interface. With only a handful of easy-to-learn top menu options. drip dashboard The process of creating emails. Rather than a pure drag-and-drop builder where you can create emails. By placing elements wherever you want, Drip takes a section-based approach. Where you first select the section you want to edit. Then choose the content you want to insert (then for some reason choose again the section you want to add it to). drip email editor The editor is fast and dynamic, but perhaps not the most intuitive or efficient.

Email Designs

Email Database

Drip only has 6 email templates , which are more like basic layouts. You need to apply your own style, colors, backgrounds, etc. Of course, you can import your own HTML code (almost every email marketing service lets you do this). But if you were hoping to find a nice range of ready-to-use templates. You might be disappointed. drip email templates ActiveCampaign, on the other hand, offers over 125 fully-designed responsive email templates . Most of the time, they are all quite modern.

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