To attract customers, something that works very, very well is to organize training programs aimed. At your potential customers (who have not yet bought). And so you can show them what their problems are, what their needs are. And what benefits your product or service will bring them. Or services The best way to attract customers to a business is by adding more value to your products. Without affecting the price. The Spanish telephone company Amena. For example, has more than internalized this. From time to time it increases the benefits of its services. Without increasing the cost for the client. With this type of strategies to attract customers. They manage to differentiate themselves from their competition, since they can offer.

Both current customers and those who are yet to come. Added value without the price being higher . Something your competitors don’t do. Who are upset with your competition attract customers and money. We are facing one of the best strategies ever and to have. And we are sure that you do not get all the game you could. There are lots and lots of potential customers out there who are upset or unhappy with your competition, so why not do something special for them? And don’t tell me you don’t know how to detect them, because today, with the Internet, you can do practically anything. There are forums, company pages on social networks, etc.

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in which you can monitor those people who are not Malaysia phone number entirely happy with your competitors . You can even delve into their dissatisfaction and detect why they are not happy, to offer them something that fits their true needs or better solves their problems. 9. Use affiliate marketing Affiliate marketing is based on collaborating with other sellers who act as commission agents for your business . They will be in charge of attracting more customers to your online store in exchange for charging a commission for each sale they lead. Affiliate marketing is a very common option in the sale of info products, but it is also perfectly viable for any ecommerce.

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In fact, you can implement an affiliate program for your Shopify store very easily. 10. Create a blog Creating a blog is an ideal customer attraction strategy because once the articles are positioned, customers begin to arrive naturally (thanks to the magic of SEO for ecommerce ). You can have a blog where you only talk about how good your products are. But that’s not ideal. The best thing is that you provide added value thanks to your written content. Think about the favorite topics of your audience and frequently offer them new articles related to those topics. But in addition to the positioning in Google that you are going to obtain, remember to also share your blog posts on your profiles on social networks.

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Hire online advertising To attract customers to your business, the fastest way to do it is to place online ads on platforms such as Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, YouTube Ads or Google Ads. These ads are very profitable because you can segment your campaigns very well and show your ad only to potential customers who are willing to buy your products. 12. Offer free trials of your products Although there are certain sectors —such as technology— in which demos are essential, free trials work wonders in any market niche . Think, for example, of an online store of optical products that sends free contact lenses to all those people who register on their website and leave their email address and contact information.

Many who wear trial lenses will end up buying them at the store. And if they don’t immediately, you can implement a new strategy to attract customers through email marketing. 13. Work email marketing to attract customers Even if you think that email is dead, the truth is that it is still the main contact channel for companies. This is so because many people prefer to have all the offers and promotions they receive gathered in one place (in their Promotions folder ). Something that does not happen with social networks, where many offers and discount coupons are never used and end up being lost due to forgetfulness.


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