Frito lay’s “it’s about people” spot ranked Jordan Phone Number no. 1 on ace metrix’s list of the most empowering ads of q2 2020, according to findings shared with marketing dive. Tide’s “get it clean” ranked no. 1 on ace metrix’s list of the most “prodtastic,” a metric that looks at when. The product advertised generates an emotional response Jordan Phone Number from viewers. The ads that stood out most during. The quarter either focused on purpose or product, according to the findings. Interestingly, 37% of ads. Examined during the quarter ranked high on the empower metric, a significant uptick against a 12.5% historic. Average. The report attributed this increase to the pandemic as 63% of q2’s empowering ads were. Covid-19 themed. Dive insight: ads that focused on purpose or product marketing generated mostly

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With consumers during q2, as the pandemic kicked. Into full force in the u.s. Frito-lay’s “it’s about people” ad has no voiceover and instead uses text, music. And images to convey its message that people need brands to take real action instead of Jordan Phone Number telling them how. They should feel. The ad highlights how frito-lay is creating 3,000 new full-time jobs with benefits, donating. $15 million to covid-19 relief efforts, working with charities to donate meals to families in need and funding. Virus testing efforts. The ad’s empower metric was seen as “extreme” by hitting the correct emotional tone to. Connect with consumers during these times. Tide’s “get it clean” ad earned a perfect 10 score for its. Focus on a product that can help keep clean anything. Last quarter, 20% of all ads scored

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Higher than the 12% historic average, per ace Jordan Phone Number metrix. Non-covid ads were the main contributors to this increase. Tide’s ad did not play up the virus but likely helped ease consumers’ desires to keep their homes clean from germs at a time when hygiene is part of the national conversation. The ad debuted as parent Jordan Phone Number procter & gamble boosted its marketing spend as consumers stocked up on cleaning supplies. “last quarter, brands honed in on purpose or products in ads, and, on rare occasions, both. In response to the covid-19 pandemic, more brands waded into purpose-driven advertising, that oftentimes paid off in terms of positive cultural perception,” peter daboll, ceo of ace metrix said in a statement. “at the same time, brands that didn’t join in on that trend were avoiding tone-deaf and insensitive content. In eluding risks

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