Fifty-seven percent of advertisers are most Singapore Phone Number concerned. With outcomes measurement, and 50% most want transparency in upfront buying, according to new research. That advertiser perceptions emailed to marketing Singapore Phone Number dive. Only 22% indicated they were most concerned. About moving the timing of the annual tv upfronts buying season. Nearly 66% of advertisers say digital. And mobile video are more important to advertising success than linear, streaming or connected tv. Despite procter & gamble chief brand officer marc pritchard declaring last week that his company would. No longer attend the upfronts, only 7% of advertisers in advertiser perceptions’ study said the events should. Be canceled. How to integrate retail locations and ecommerce discover how leveraging a print strategy. Can help you achieve an easier workflow, drive cost savings, and produce happier customers.

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Advertisers appear in agreement that the annual tradition. Of tv networks previewing upcoming programming to advertisers to secure big spending. Commitments in advance — typically referred to as the tv upfronts — is a broken system. However, there’s. Less agreement when it comes to strategies to fix the annual tv buying season, with p&g — one Singapore Phone Number of the. Largest advertisers in the world — planning to sit it out and pursue more direct buys while those surveyed for. Advertiser perceptions’ upfronts and newfronts report supporting some sort of organized marketplace for. Tv buying. Roughly two-thirds of advertisers supported a platform where buyers can negotiate high-volume. Deals. The upfronts also offer access to preferred rates and unique program offerings, the advertisers. Said. What a tv buying marketplace looks like going forward, however, may differ from upfronts of the past. A full 75% of

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Attendees found the events to be “as effective or Singapore Phone Number better than in-person events.” in addition, roughly 60% of advertisers report they bought less upfront this year but added they secured options to expand their upfront pricing for Singapore Phone Number later buys. It is possible such deals could continue in future upfronts. The remainder, meanwhile, diverges about the best time to hold upfronts. According to the study, one-third of advertisers favor a calendar year, whereas another 30% want multiple events throughout the year. Nearly as many (28%) want to keep the traditional spring upfront. Delivering the keynote address at the association of national advertisers’ media & measurement virtual conference last week, pritchard called for an overhaul of the legacy media supply chain. With content premiering year-round — and on many different platforms — pritchard suggested aligning upfront buys

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