MANUFACTURING If you want to create something a little more unique, you could find a manufacturer to produce products for you. This approach can prove Georgia WhatsApp Number List quite costly, especially if you want to manufacture your products in the U.S., but it can pay off if you want to create a product unique to your brand. UgMonk has shipped tens of thousands of products to over 60 Georgia WhatsApp Number List countries around the world. When founder Jeff Sheldon first started out he turned to manufacturers to produce high-quality screen-printed T-shirts for his brand.[*] Screenshot showing bestsellers on Ugmonk 3 STEPS TO BUILDING YOUR ECOMMERCE BUSINESS

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MODEL So what have we learned in this article. Here’s a quick recap on how to make the perfect eCommerce business model: 1. WHO ARE YOU SELLING TO? First, you need to figure out what type of eCommerce business you want to build, and who will you be selling to. Do you want to be a: B2B – Business-to-Business B2C – Business-to-Consumer C2C – Consumer-to-Consumer C2B – Consumer-to-Business 2. WHAT ARE YOU SELLING? Are you looking to sell digital products, physical products, or services? Will you focus on one product. Multiple products to one niche, many products across multiple categories,

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Or a subscription model? Answering these questions will help you to figure out exactly what you want to sell. 3. HOW ARE YOU GETTING YOUR STOCK? Once you’ve nailed down what you’re selling, it’s time to think about stock and how you’ll fill your inventory. Maybe you’ll make your own products, get them manufactured, or even dropship your way to success. Once you’ve decided on these three key things, your eCommerce business model is complete. For example, your business model could be: A C2C company selling blankets (a physical product) that you make yourself.

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