But you will eventually have to make the switch, so let’s dive into what this new version of Analytics. Formerly known as “App + Web” entails. What to expect from Google Analytics. Meet the next generation of Google Analytics”, that’s what Google says about this newest version. On their help center page they name a few advantages over Universal Analytics:It’s durable for the Algeria Phone Number future and privacy-focused It uses machine learning to get you insights into customer journeys across platforms and devices. Algeria Phone Number It has enhanced integrations with Google’s advertising platform to optimize campaign performance Insight into a more complete customer journey.

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Customer journey from A to Z, even when customers use multiple platforms and devices. This is especially interesting when you have both a website and an app. The customer journey will no longer be broken up by different platforms used or organized in different sessions. Algeria Phone Number This gives you a better understanding of how the customer interacts with and moves through your website and/or app. Algeria Phone Number A necessary focus on user privacy Sharing a lot of personal information online has become more and more normal through the years. To protect people’s data and help them understand how their data is being used, countries around the world have set up data protection laws. For the EU countries, for example, this is the GDPR.

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Comes with country-level privacy controls, to help you collect valuable data while making sure you comply with these privacy regulations. Algeria Phone Number In addition, Google Analytics 4 allows you to further customize who has access to what data. This ensures that different teams or external partners can access the data that they need. Without you having to Algeria Phone Number give any access that isn’t in line with your company’s policy. Predictive capabilities when it comes to user behavior. Thanks to its machine learning models, Google can use your data to predict future actions. That your audience may take. Google Analytics 4 comes with two predictive metrics that make this possible.

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