In large organizations where migrating a site can take several months, building a multidisciplinary team can be very beneficial.

With so many different parties involved, effective project management will play a central role in the success of the site migration.

But since things don’t always go as planned, a degree of flexibility is also needed, as long as deadlines and key milestones are not impeded. Site redesigns or migrations that do not involve experienced project managers are likely to fail.

6. Evaluate the new content strategy

When not well thought out, Germany Mobile Number content strategies can doom a site migration to failure. The decision to move, delete or consolidate a significant portion of a site’s content without thinking about the consequences on UX and SEO is a classic mistake.

A new content strategy can significantly influence a site’s information architecture, page structure, and internal linking. Therefore, this can have a significant impact on the different user journeys but also on the way search engines crawl the pages of the site.

To avoid encountering unpleasant surprises later, content strategies should be discussed and evaluated early on and before moving to production. SEO and UX teams should consider the pros and cons of the suggested content strategy,

7. Test the new design and features with real users

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It’s surprising how many sites are redesigned or rebuilt without performing user testing before launch. Relying solely on best practices and common sense can be quite risky.

There are many ways to ensure that the new design, taxonomy, site navigation, or other essential functionality is correct. First, user testing should be performe by users who match the demographics of the site’s actual audience.

Larger organizations should invest time in testing with real users, while smaller

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