Amazon retains its position as the world’s Kenya Phone Number most. Valuable brand, according to the latest brandz rankings of the top 100 most valuable brands. Amazon’s. Brand value increased 32% to reach $415.9 billion this year, the list compiled by wpp and research firm. Kantar found. The e-commerce company added almost $100 billion in Kenya Phone Number brand value this year, accounting for. More than one-third of the list’s total growth. Facebook ranked no. 5 on the list but saw its brand value drop. 7% from a year ago, per details shared with marketing dive. Tiktok (no. 79, $16.9 billion), lancome (no. 98, $13.6 billion) and pepsi (no. 99, $13.3 billion) were new entrants to the top 100. Mastercard entered the. Top 10 list for the first time, seeing an 18% increase in brand value. Retail was the fastest-growing sector. In brand value, with a 21% increase driven

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Agility during the coronavirus crisis, the  report said, and. E-commerce investments from more traditional retailers such as walmart, whose brand value increased. 24%, also helped feed the growth. Dive insight: companies that have consistently invested in long-term. Marketing and focused on building strong brands are managing to  Kenya Phone Number survive the coronavirus pandemic and. Still add brand value, according to the latest brandz rankings from kantar and wpp. One standout example. Is amazon, which became the world’s most valuable brand last year and has managed to fortify that position. During a year marked by multiple crises. Already immensely popular, the e-commerce giant has become. A go-to resource during the pandemic for everything from snack foods, school supplies and toilet paper,

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As an entertainment hub to stream music, movies and tv Kenya Phone Number programs. Amazon’s brand value gains coincide with the strength of the e-commerce category broadly, which has helped retail become the fastest-growing sector. As consumers looked for ways to avoid going out to stores to shop, amazon and rivals walmart, alibaba and Kenya Phone Number jd were there to deliver goods. The e-commerce windfall has served as a particulary strong lifeline for retail marketers with large brick-and-mortar operations. Walmart, for instance, saw digital commerce surge 74% in q1 2020, even as foot traffic experience disruptions brought on the by the new coronavirus. Brandz’s list of the most valuable brands additionally underscores how innovation and creativity are important elements for driving growth as people spend more time online. This is evident in the fact that technology

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