Give them an opportunity to earn a commission when they refer any customers to shop at your store. Here’s an email we sent to our subscribers to turn them Macedonia Phone Number List into our Sumo affiliate partners. Screenshot showing an email EMAIL AUTOMATION #3: Macedonia Phone Number List THE POST-PURCHASE. Many ecommerce business owners spend all their time and energy on generating Macedonia Phone Number List traffic and optimizing their store conversions. They have the most sophisticated traffic-generating strategy and the best-converting sales funnel, but one thing they

And Selling To Opt-In Subscribers

Care the least about is what comes Macedonia Phone Number List after making a sale. Indeed, some store owners couldn’t care less about their customers as long as Macedonia Phone Number List they get the revenue. But the vast majority of ecommerce business owners want to provide great customer service. And are Macedonia Phone Number List prepared to answer their customers’ questions and requests. However, many ecommerce businesses make a big mistake here. Take the initiative to reach out once they make a purchase.

Macedonia Phone Number List

With email automation in place, this process can be done without you making any extra effort. Here is a four-part email automation drip you can send customers post-purchase: Email 1: Thank you. Send them the first email to thank them for the purchase. At the same time, show them how to get instant support if they need help. Here’s a purchase confirmation email from My Glasses Club with tracking and contact information. Screenshot showing an order success page Email 2: Guide.

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