Starbucks founder and CEO Howard Schultz once aptly said, “ We are not in the coffee business serving people. We are in the people business serving coffee ‘. Or another illuminating research result: a customer is four times more likely to buy something from a competitor if they experience a problem related to service rather than price and product (Bain & Company). Service has become more than ‘frills’. It is the key to business success. It also means that it is no longer the sole task of a service department. Everyone in the company must be service-oriented.

The bar is higher than ever

In this context, it is also worth mentioning the major impact that the ongoing digital transformation is having on our lives. Also on our behavior as consumers. With the Chairman Email Lists tablet or mobile constantly at the ready, we set the bar higher than ever when it comes to what we expect from companies. That starts with the speed and ease with which we want to receive products or services ( time well saved ) in order to be busy with the things that are really close to our heart ( time well spend ).

Chairman Email Lists

At the intersection of customer experience and digitization, there is customer service that can really make a difference to a company in this time of high expectations. Who is connected to other departments and teams that maintain customer contact and can respond adequately to (new) wishes and needs. Think of the contact center and the field service. But sharing information with marketing, sales, e-commerce and advertising can also be extremely valuable in this context. The report by research firm IDC on the position of customer service in the experience economy makes it clear:

Customer service must become the ‘business hub’ for the customer experience.

No more limits

Customer service as a central center is closer than we think thanks to modern technical tools. Employees can use data from various sources to create a complete 360-degree customer profile. How do you think a customer will react if you already know his history with the company and/or that you can draw his attention to a product or service via omnichannel that might also appeal to him? In the past, you literally had to go from door to door for that information. But in today’s digital office, there are no boundaries and you can work closely together from a distance.

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