Otherwise, people might put off buying and you could lose customers. Don’t use this tactic too often, or people will catch on and expect it. That’s the end of our Black Friday email campaigns! But you need more than just the emails themselves to maximize sales. No one will buy anything unless they actually open your emails. 3 SUBJECT LINE SECRETS TO GET 26% MORE OPENS Your subject line is arguably more important than your offer or design or anything else. If your subject line doesn’t interest your customers, you’ve already lost them! To help you get more email opens this holiday season, here are three secrets.

Take Your Email List to the Bank

USE THESE “POWER WORDS” Power words are words that elicit certain emotions in your customers that get them to take action. Some examples you can use includ. Sale Free % Off BOGO Exciting Exclusive Secret Simple, but effective. 2. PERSONALIZE, iran telephone Did you know that personalized subject lines. Can increase open rate by as much as 26%?[*] Something as simple as adding your subscriber’s name to the subject line can make your email stand out and increase the chances of it being opened.

Effective Rules for a Competent and Highly

Deeper than that, you should try to send your subscribers deals on the specific items they care about. Add the name of the product your visitor was looking at to the subject line for personalization. Here’s an example of how Shopify store Orzly uses Sumo’s new Convert Window Shoppers Shortcut to trigger an email to visitors. based on their most viewed product on the site: Screenshot showing the “build your email” page on the sumo dashboard. With this Sumo Shortcut you don’t need to use expensive software to track what items your visitors have viewed in the past, and set up hundreds of different emails for different products.

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