By giving them time to breathe. You can accomplish this in two ways: Use exit-intent pop-ups. Exit intent means your pop-up will display when the user’s mouse leaves the web browser. Display your pop-up on a timer. Rather than loading a pop-up when the page loads, give the users some time to read through your content or view your products and establish trust. You can choose your display settings in Step 4: Confirm Your Display Settings in Sumo’s Grow Email List Shortcut. We make it straightforward to choose when your pop-up shows up,

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and give you an idea of which options are best. Screenshot showing display settings for a popup form Click the button the below if you’d like to set this up on your store. Based on your average time on page, you can choose different options for display timing. (The times above were determined by Ireland Business Fax List of ecommerce store owners and practitioners.) Not sure of your time on page? Head over to your Google Analytics account and click BEHAVIOR > Site Content > All Pages. You’ll see the average time on page column there.

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Screenshot showing google analytics stats Based on my site’s statistics, I would set different timings for different pages. On my “how to start a blog and get paid” guide with an average time on page of 4:23, I’d set the pop-up to appear after 20 seconds. But on my “white hat SEO case study” with an average 1:53 time on page, I’d shorten this to 12 seconds. Reason being, the longer people are on your site, the more time they have to consume your content and learn that your content is amazing. Increasing the chance they’ll opt-in to your list. (Your content is amazing, right?) Enough about pop-ups

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