We enclose a discount coupon that you can redeem on your next purchase. We reiterate our apologies. Receives a warm greeting. Your friends at [Business Name] thanks for your purchase Phrases of thanks to clients for their preference We have already indicated that a possible customer segmentation can be done based on the most loyal customers . In that case, you can write some beautiful phrases of thanks to the most faithful and loyal customers. You can use the following template: Dear, [Name]: It would never have been possible to grow, or get to where we are, without your support. Thanks to your trust in our online store, we have become one of the reference ecommerce in our sector. We are convinced that without your trust none of this would have been possible.

That is why we are looking forward to seeing you here again. To reward your loyalty, we have generated a discount coupon that you can redeem on your next order. Thank you very much for all this time together. [Business name]. thank customers on instagram Six ways to thank customers that you can be inspired by While creative planning and smart decision-making set the stage for pleasure, at the end of the day you’ll still need a few simple ideas to implement. In case you need a little inspiration on how to thank customers who have trusted your store, here are six ways you can spread gratitude . And we are also going to share some examples of companies that go the extra mile for their customers. These are the ones that we at Shopify consider to be the best customer acknowledgments in different formats: Send handwritten thank you notes.

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As a thank you purchase. Offer gifts or free samples. Create Chile phone number personal connections with video. Offer post-purchase discounts. Highlight your customers. 1. Handwritten Thank You Notes A tried and true way to thank your customers, and that costs nothing, is to write a personalized thank you note, which shows that there is a human being involved behind the screen (of your computer). Thank you notes are effective because they are a kind of lost art. Think about the last time you sent a handwritten letter, instead of a quick email or Facebook message. Those mediums are incredibly efficient, but a handwritten card goes beyond the ephemeral nature of our digital inboxes. And they also create a tangible and meaningful impression. Remember these five tips when writing the perfect thank you note: Use quality or unique stationery cards that are a reflection of your brand.

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And personalize it! Say thank you and be specific about why you’re sending the note. Be thoughtful: reference a conversation or part of their request that shows that this card is specifically for them. Sign the card politely, but professionally. (Thank you again, Regards, Kind regards, Sincerely, etc.) short phrases of thanks to customers for their purchase While sending a handwritten note with every order may not suit your business growth, you can set a monthly goal for yourself or your team. Involving your entire team helps create a culture of gratitude for your customers. You can also send thank you cards after responding to a customer, on a special request, or for a holiday. It is not necessary that it always be a card within the order.

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If you want to simplify this process a bit, you can use a service like Postable or Touchcard to send thank you notes on your behalf. For unique notes, or if you want to invest a little more in this idea, there are a number of online options to get quality cards that will beautify your customers’ mailbox, among which are; Lovepop , Galison , E. Frances , Burro Goods , and Paper Luxe (all ecommerces built with Shopify). 2. Include details in shipments as a purchase thank you Adding a little detail to an order that is on its way to the customer’s home is a great way to say thank you for their purchase. You’ve already paid for shipping and box, so this is one of the most cost-effective ways to give customers a little more pleasure. Including details in shipments serves to exceed customer expectations .

The shipping experience is an experience in itself, and customers look forward to the moment when they can hold the new product in their hands. They’re set to be “wowed” with just a little extra effort, while also being a rare opportunity to add value to the order through beautiful how-to manuals and upsells. Here are some standout examples of stores that understand the value of delivering a little surprise. Tissot Watches This Swiss watch brand includes truly eye-catching packaging . And among other details that it offers its clients, they deliver —along with the purchased watch and the brand’s catalog— a novel about the history of this century-old brand , which is placed in a specific compartment of the box in which the watch is located. Watch.


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