You should check out our All-around SEO training! It doesn’t just tell you about SEO: it makes sure you know how to Austria Phone Number put these skills into actual practice! How does a link help your page to rank well? First, let’s discuss why link building is important for SEO. Austria Phone Number A link to your site helps its ranking in four ways:It adds value to the receiving page, allowing it to improve its visibility in the search engines. It adds value to the entire receiving domain, allowing each page on that domain to improve its rank ever so slightly. The anchor text of the link and the surrounding copy indicates the website’s topic to the search engine and more specifically the receiving page.

And Obviously, People Austria Phone Number

Click on links, resulting in so-called direct traffic. The value of a link for the receiving page is determined in part by the topic of the page the link is on. A link from a page with the same topic as the receiving page is of more value than a link from a page about an entirely different topic. Austria Phone Number Also, a link from an article is worth way more than a link from a sidebar or a footer. Austria Phone Number  In general, the more links there are on a page, the less each individual link is worth. Link building’s bad reputation Link building has got a somewhat bad reputation. Once people noticed that backlinks from other sites resulted in higher rankings, they began to abuse this.

They Got Links From Austria Phone Number

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Sites that didn’t have any topical relation with their own site. In other cases, people bought links from other sites. Austria Phone Number These shady links polluted the search engines. That is why Google started giving penalties to companies that bought links or used links from non-related websites (Google Penguin update was all about this). Austria Phone Number If you got a penalty from Google, it was serious: your site would disappear from the search results. This bad reputation of link building comes from companies who were a bit too enthusiastic about shady link-building techniques and got penalties from Google.

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