For example, if I was using the purchase values from row 1 in the screenshot above. My delayed attribution multiplier would be The more delayed attribution you get, polnische handynummer the higher the multiplier. If you see a delayed attribution multiplier greater than your 1-day polnische handynummer website purchases conversion value, you can project more revenue. The size of the multiplier polnische handynummer varies significantly from client to client, so if you don’t know your average delayed attribution multiplier. I recommend going now and figuring it out. For clients who are new to Facebook ads, we assume a (purposefully conservative) multiplier of 1.3 during normal times of the year.

List Building and Other Marketing

But BFCM is not a normal time of polnische handynummer the year. So what happens when we expect lots and lots of people to do what I did with my Reebok weightlifting shoes last year. This is what happens: Graph showing delayed attribution multiplier See that? The delayed  polnische handynummer  attribution multiplier in the three weeks leading up to BFCM (November, Weeks 1-3) is around 1. Which means that getting people to your website in the three weeks before the BFCM weekend is absolutely crucial. If they’re interested in your product, they will come back and buy when you roll out your BFCM offer. Bank on it. This is why CPMs are actually underpriced during those three

Tools to Grow Your Business

Weeks, even as they start to rise: many advertisers see one-day click returns below their targets and tell themselves to wait to really spend until BFCM. This leaves newsfeed space you can arbitrage because you’ve planned better than your competitors. So here’s the tactic: buy the underpriced ad space for the three weeks leading up to your sale. Count on your ROAS looking bad at first. In fact, lean into it: during those weeks, drive your customers to a gift guide that previews your offer. So they know exactly how good of a deal they’re going to get if they wait. Get them excited about it. Prospect heavily. Remarket heavily. Do it all. Just

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