To get data on which of your ideas people like the most, run a Facebook poll using your topics. As the answer options (like I did below when I wrote about AppSumo’s Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Playbook). Screenshot showing a Facebook poll about what people would like to know STEP. Screenshot showing a content piece about embracing one To write a great headline, you can use one of three angles. Here are three examples from the “embracing natural hair” topic: Competitive: 5 Tips To Have Better Looking Hair Than Beyonce. Benefit Driven: 5 Tips For Embracing Natural Hair.

Tips for Creating an

Inspirational: 5 Tips To Make Your Hair Glow Like Jennifer Aniston. Boom used the “Benefit” driven headline on their presell page and a subheadline to make the content more relevant to their target market of women over 40 years old. Here are three examples from my beard products Pakistan Email List company: Competitive: 5 Beard Tips Your Barber Doesn’t Want You To Know. Benefit Driven: 5 Beard Tips To Go From Stubble To Stylish In 5 Days. Inspirational: 5 Beard Tips To Make Your Beard Shine Like The Sun. Action Item: Choose a topic related to your product, pick one of the three headline angles, and write your own headline.

Effective Email Campaign

Use this presell page template. STEP 3: GIVE AWAY FIVE PRACTICAL TIPS Screenshot of copy on a webpage, with arrows outlining what they are Directly underneath the headline, you need to give people five practical tips they can follow related to the topic. Your tips should be: Actionable. Educational. Inspirational. For my beard products for men, here’s an example of five tips from my presell page “5 Beard Tips Your Barber

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