The usual end-of-school euphoria went Lithuania Phone Number missing this. Year, as the covid-19 pandemic sent students home to complete the semester virtually. Many areas are. Now opening back up, with retail stores and restaurants finding ways to cater to customers even as social. Distancing remains a priority. But the pandemic isn’t Lithuania Phone Number over, and continues to cast a shadow over the near future. That leaves students, and their parents and teachers, unsure of what school will look like in the fall. And it injects unpredictability into a once reliable shopping season. Last year, retailers were expecting consumer. Spending on k-12 back-to-school items to reach nearly $26.2 billion, or $696.70 per household. It’s a. Passage from carefree summer activities or summer jobs to scholarly pursuits that sends many families

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But it’s unlikely to look the same this year, experts say. Sponsored by podium [ebook] sms marketing 101 sms marketing invites responses. The key is. Knowing how to message the right way. Learn sms marketing strategies that capture your customers’. Attention. Learn more ″back to school is traditionally a very exciting time for kids and a Lithuania Phone Number somewhat stressful. Time for families transitioning the change of pace from the summer break back into the regular rhythm of life. Like many other things this year though, ‘back to school’ is going to look very different,” ryan. Wuerch, ceo and founder of dosh, a cashback app whose investors include paypal, told retail dive in an. Email. “as different states navigate varying degrees of retail openings, it is a stark reminder that the future is. Still unknown and ‘normal’ is a thing of the past.” demand remains strong retailers that usually benefit from the back-to-school

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Grappling with this uncertainty about the return. Last Lithuania Phone Number week, for example, the children’s place ceo jane elfers warned analysts that the back-to-school season, extremely important in kids’ apparel, is already complicated by the fact that Lithuania Phone Number many school districts haven’t announced fall plans. School isn’t exactly canceled, however, so kids will still need supplies, and early research shows healthy demand. More than three quarters of parents (77%) and 85% of kids age six to 16 expect back to school to be the same or bigger than last year, and 88% of kids surveyed said they were looking forward to returning to school, according to a survey from superawesome, which provides marketing insights that can be difficult to acquire because of internet protections around children’s data. The firm found that last year’s strong demand for back-to-school supplies remains steady. “how do you create the big moment, the freshness of going back to school?

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