Select bras! What Makes It So Good: hr directors contact list Victoria Secret is well-known for their panty and bra deals (I should know, my fiance reminds me all the time). That hr directors contact list customer expectation is what makes this email work so well. Many shoppers wait for email deals hr directors contact list like this to buy, as Victoria Secret has trained them to expect the deals. They know their target hr directors contact list market and use emojis to connect with their subscribers. What The Email Looked Like: Screenshot showing

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An ecommerce sale email Note: There’s hr directors contact list one thing I don’t like about this email: the subject line is great, but the first thing you see when you hr directors contact list open the email is their fashion show, which has nothing to do with the sale. You have to scroll to hr directors contact list see the sale. I don’t recommend doing this. 2. SUN BASKET’S “LITTLE SECRET” AND SURPRISE Sun hr directors contact list Basket sells healthy, organic ingredients for specific recipes, delivered straight to your door. These next two emails are for 50% off flash sales (notice the text on the call to

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Subject Line: hr directors contact list We’ve got a little secret to getting endless healthy recipes. What Makes It So Good: It’s less about the sale hr directors contact list and more about the benefit their customers want — endless healthy recipes. It uses the word “secret” to create mystery and entice you to click. What The Email Looked Like: Screenshot showing an ecommerce sale email Subject Line: A surprise from Sun Basket! Treat yourself to bold flavors and delicious dinners. What Makes It So Good: The star emoji draws the eye and makes this

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