They’ve figured out how to take all the kind of content dog owners want to see and make it available to users through BarkPost, so it’s no wonder they have their own domain. It is clear that social networks are a clear method of disseminating their content and that they have done everything possible to optimize their site for sharing on social networks. In the following article, there are several bars to share on social networks. This serves as social proof and increases the likelihood that other users will also share it. There’s a floating social bar on the left that follows users’ reading as they scroll down the page, so they always have the option to share . Finally, in each image there are indicators to save on Pinterest.

Your blog doesn’t just need great content to rank in search engine results; You also need a dissemination plan that includes social networks. It should also be noted that the entire blog transmits that emotion of well-being that they want users to associate with their brand. Their BarkBox product is definitely a luxury product, so connecting those stories and the feeling of love and affection around the pup makes people more likely to buy from them. Key recommendations: Use content to generate sentiments you’d like users to associate with your brand, which can improve relationship building. Offer a mix of useful and entertaining content to give your audience everything they’re looking for. Placing share buttons on every post will increase both social proof and shares, allowing you to improve outreach.

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BioLite Energy BioLite Energy BioLite is an Bahrain phone number ecommerce store. That sells outdoor energy equipment such as solar panels and camping heaters. Your blog is great for both promoting your products and offering value to your readers. The content on “Practical Tips” deserves a special mention . Not only does it attract users who are looking for it, but it also retains them because it is very useful. His articles are very complete and answer each of the questions that potential customers may have. His guide on how to start a fire is a good example. It shows how to start a fire and even offers a troubleshooting section if you’re having trouble. Not only are they quick to respond to questions to try to achieve that coveted featured snippet on Google.

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A fundamental value, there is another very positive feature that we must comment on. Use a distinct brand voice and storytelling to build your brand and encourage others to enjoy outdoor fun. Titles like “ Discover your fire ” and “ Can you control fire with your mind? ” pique the interest of readers and the voice of the publications is friendly and relaxed, as if you were talking to an old friend. The storytelling appears in the same publications. Some articles, like this one , start with stories to capture interest and engage users, making sure they keep reading. Others tell anecdotes from customers, brand ambassadors, or employees in order to foster emotional connections. In general, this blog achieves great achievements that other brands can adapt to their own business. Defining your voice and using storytelling and then implementing both with useful content is a great way to do this.

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Address customer questions in depth in your content, anticipating other questions and ensuring that you are the only resource they need to find a solution. Behind-the-scenes storytelling can capture the user’s interest and create an emotional connection, especially when you relate to the reader. Create a distinct voice that distinguishes your blog and its content from those of your competitors. 6.BestSelf BestSelf BestSelf is dedicated to helping their clients reach their goals faster than ever, so it’s only fitting that productivity be one of the central themes of their blog. Their blog is focused and it is most likely because they know their audience well . Articles discuss tools and lifestyle changes that can help improve productivity, improve leadership skills, and achieve goals. The main focus is self -improvement , because they know that anyone interested in buying from them is motivated to make these changes.

Alongside our first blog example, BestSelf does a great job of mentioning products without being too intrusive. The publication and viralization of his blog was what helped BestSelf launch a 2 million dollar business , focusing on creating high quality and well-written content, relevant to its target audience and spreading it to different online communities with consolidated audiences. that overlap with yours. The main focus is self-improvement Key recommendations: You must not only know your audience, but also understand their motivations and create content based on them. You must know how and when to promote your products; mention them subtly and moderately. Consider republishing or reusing all or part of your content on other websites (Medium, Quora, even Facebook groups).

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