Or if they don’t click on that article, but click on the next one with “5 daily face cleansing tips to keep your skin smooth. Then I would stop sending the Namibia WhatsApp Number List beard-related articles, and only send skincare-related articles. You get the idea. Feel free to experiment! I also recommend setting up your email sequence to be as long as possible. At least one or two months — so you don’t have Namibia WhatsApp Number List to worry about sending emails every week to keep your list engaged. It’s a lot of work upfront, but saves you countless hours over time. Beyond lead nurture campaigns, you should also set up high-quality transactional emails.

List Building – Building Your

For example, you can add upsells or Namibia WhatsApp Number List referral marketing to your order confirmation emails, or create unique and fun abandoned cart Namibia WhatsApp Number List emails. Next up, let’s talk social media. HOW-TOS Social media can be a great way Namibia WhatsApp Number List to make sales and engage your audience — but the very nature of it is to consume time. To Namibia WhatsApp Number List avoid that time sink and still get the benefits of more sales, automation can help. Here’s what I do: If you use Buffer or another simple scheduling software

Own Opt-in List of Email Addresses

Simply fill your feed with good Namibia WhatsApp Number List content. Look at the analytics section inside your social media tool to find your most engaging content. This could be the most retweets, most comments, most clicks, etc. Screenshot showing most clicked posts menu Then, post Namibia WhatsApp Number List more of your best stuff! To further optimize things, look at the time of day. And day of Namibia WhatsApp Number List the week that’s most engaging for your content. Here are some of the best times to post based on social platform, but keep in mind that your unique audience may be completely different. Twitter: All Day Tuesdays, 11AM to 12PM Wednesdays Facebook: All Day Wednesdays, 9-10AM Tuesdays

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