In the country that meets the needs of hundreds of companies. And industries by providing them with safety shoes of the highest quality. In addition, you can order from their wholesale catalog to include these shoes. In the inventory of your online shoe store. It is a very interesting market that few shoe stores take advantage of. Shoes x Major Shoes  Major Located in Cúcuta, Zapatos Mayor offers excellent wholesale shoe deals for all of Colombia. With delivery times and very competitive prices. This company is also the manufacturer of the footwear models it sells. And its value for money is exceptional, offering a product of excellent quality and a 100% Colombian brand.

They offer in their catalog everything from sports shoes. To more classic and casual models, and the interaction is 100% personal, with guaranteed quality. Best shoe suppliers in Chile 10. Coconut Water Coconut water Agua de Coco is a wholesaler that stands out. For selling various types of footwear at spectacular discounts . The bigger your order. The bigger the discount. This makes it a great place to start stocking your inventory, while saving a few. Chilean pesos on each of your purchases. In addition to footwear, they also have some other clothing for sale. Such as dresses, bikinis and even some other bags and purses to include in your inventory.

Best Shoe Suppliers In Peru

Shoes Shoe Although their name indicates. That France phone number they are exclusive suppliers of footwear, the truth is that in Zapatos. You will find many types of garments. Not just footwear. At the level of shoes, this wholesaler has a huge variety of products. Both for men and women as well as for boys and girls , so no matter what market you want to sell in. You can find the perfect products through this supplier. The best thing is that, if at any time you decide. To expand your online store, you won’t have to change providers, since you can find a little of everything here. Including personal care products. 12. Caltex Caltex Trainers, shoes, boots, ankle boots, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, at Caltex you get it, and at exceptional prices.

France phone number

They have some of the best brands on the market , both national and international, so you will have variety when choosing which shoes to start selling in your store if brands are your thing. In its catalog you can find brands such as NatGeo, Anthology, EXS and Polo, which are leaders in the footwear market worldwide. This platform is undoubtedly quite interesting, since in itself, it is a company that is responsible for collecting multiple shoe manufacturers , to offer their catalogs to customers from all over Peru. Like a kind of online directory. The great advantage is that it has excessively low prices compared to other wholesalers , and this is possible thanks to the fact that it works directly with the manufacturers.

Trujillo Footwear Trujillo Footwear

They also have an active Facebook group in which posts are constantly made for buying and selling. 14. R&B Peru R&B Peru R&B Peru is a company that began as an importer of branded footwear, and that today has grown to offer those who want to start their own shoe store an original brand made 100% in Peru. It has an excellent value for money, and they guarantee the quality of each of the products they offer in their catalogue. They sell exclusively to distributors, other wholesalers and owners of shoe stores 15. Leather Shoes Leather Shoes Leather Calzados is a relatively recent handmade shoe sales company that offers a unique alternative for those who want to start their own shoe store in Peru. This company works directly with different artisans in Trujillo, Peru, offering unique and exclusive products that you will hardly find with other suppliers.


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