An easy decision On the custom landing page generated for the car listing ID. Carsales has five sections (Adventure, Family, Tough, Luxury, City) where you can see what your different themed commercials look like. Screenshot showing the “adventure” video selection When you click the. Play video” button you can watch your custom commercial and click “Share Your Commercial” if you like it. Screenshot showing a video generated by AutoAds When you click the. “Share Your Commercial” button, Carsales makes it easy to share with a popup that gives you a pre-written Facebook description

Must Do’s of Email Marketing

With a link to your car listing so you can copy, paste, and share. This increases the chances of someone sharing vs giving them a blank message box to come up with their own post description. Screenshot showing a page on AutoAds, describing how to paste the video somewhere Here’s an example Philippines B2B List the adventure theme. Wrote her own message, and shared it on her Facebook, to help spread the word about her friend’s car ad. Screenshot of a facebook post Using a product commercial like this has a number of advantages for Carsales and their customers.

Is Your Email Marketing Campaign Effective

People get a big-budget commercial for their second-hand car. People feel proud to share the commercial with their friends People have an opportunity to sell their car faster via. Facebook People see their friends listing their cars on Carsales so when they have a car to sell they are more likely to buy a car listing from. Carsales This isn’t an easy strategy to execute, but sometimes the most effective marketing campaigns are the hardest to replicate. I bet none of your competitors are doing this. Start with one product commercial for your best-selling product and see how much more website traffic, product sales and new

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