Use the first email to thank them and Kenya Phone Number List recommend alternatives or related products to them. You can also use a time-sensitive discount code to Kenya Phone Number List urge them to buy now. Here’s an example where while someone is waiting for a Kickstarter product they backed, Kenya Phone Number List Rovingwork provides “backer only” discounts on other existing products. Screenshot Kenya Phone Number List showing a “next steps” email Email 2: Like every email automation, you want to remind them before the discount code expires.

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Here’s a discount code reminder Choice Furniture Superstore sent to their subscribers. Screenshot showing a promotional email Moving forward. Like the first Kenya Phone Number List exclusive discount email automation, move customers to a separate segment based on Kenya Phone Number List their action. At the same time, you can also segment your subscribers based on product category. Since Kenya Phone Number List they show interest in a specific product already) and keep them in the loop when you restock product they’re interested in. Focusing on following these three

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email automation drip to turn a new Kenya Phone Number List email subscriber into a first-purchase customer serves three purposes. You get to make sales right away. An existing customer is more likely to buy from you in the future compared to general subscribers. You get to impress Kenya Phone Number List your new subscribers with top-notch customer service and show them. Who you really are to Kenya Phone Number List separate yourself from your competitors. EMAIL AUTOMATION #2: THE VALUE-MAXIMIZER Your subscribers or customers are probably receiving hundreds

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