Refer enough friends, and the referrals can pay for the mattress!. Ergodriven followed this exact same strategy here to give a $10 cash reward. For $500 spent in telefono albania cash rewards, they made $4,950 in new product referral sales. It’s a great strategy, that both Endy telefono albania and Ergodriven’s customers love. Which also explains why they are beating the industry average referral rate of 2.35%. Screenshot showing referral program stats Key Takeaway: Here’s a general rule of thumb we recommend telefono albania ecommerce stores follow. If you’re selling something people buy often, like razors or cosmetics, give away a discount coupon as an incentive.

Know When A Customer

If you’re selling something people telefono albania buy infrequently, like a mattress, give away a cash incentive like Endy does! REFERRALCANDY STORE #3: telefono albania RIFF RAFF & CO. [POST-PURCHASE POPUP] In his remarkable and often-recommended book  telefono albania  Influence, Robert Cialdini talks about a persuasive force called “commitment and consistency.” A person who has committed their identity to something will tend to follow through with a respective action just to be consistent with that identity.

Wants Your Product

They’ve committed to an identity of being YOUR customer. They have committed to an identity where they trust you, your brand, and your product. Which also means — to be consistent with this identity, they are VERY likely to do something you want them to do, like buy more (which is also why upsells work.) This is a good time to ask them to join your referral marketing program. Riff Raff & Co, a store that sells sleep toys for babies, executes this to perfection.[*] If you visit the Riff Raff site, you won’t find their referral program. In fact, unless you’re a customer, you probably won’t even know they have one! Yet, they have one of the most

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