Second, try to stay away from stock photos, as genuine photos create more trust and give your site a personal feel. The same is true for your ‘About us’ page. Try to use actual photos of your team. Benin Phone Number Third, add ratings to Google, testimonials to the right pages, and set up HTTPS. This will help your users and Google to understand that your site belongs to an actual business or person, which allows them to happily and safely browse your site. Benin Phone Number Do you own an eCommerce site? Then have a look at these 7 ways to increase sales by creating trust.

Keep Your Content Up to Benin Phone Number

Date Another key element of writing quality content is making sure it’s up to date and relevant. This means you have to update your content from time to time to make sure people are able to find the right information. But why is this so important? Because it shows your users that you’re on top of recent developments and can always provide them with accurate information. Benin Phone Number In other words: it builds trust and keeps your audience coming back to your site. Benin Phone Number Keeping your website and blog posts up to date is also important for SEO, as this shows Google that your site is ‘alive’ and relevant. So, make sure you schedule in a time to update your content regularly.

Bonus Invest Time in Benin Phone Number

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Site structure The five steps we’ve discussed so far will help you write content that is easy to read and user-centered. Next, I would like to highlight an extra step that is equally important: working on your site structure. This is important because it will help users and search engines find your quality content. Site structure refers to the way you organize your site’s content. Benin Phone Number It is a vital part of any solid SEO strategy. When you structure your site well, search engines will be able to index your URLs better. Benin Phone Number It helps Google determine the importance of your individual pages and which pages are related to each other.

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