Despite the many new communication platforms out there these days, like Slack, Facebook Messenger, and many more, the vast majority of business communications still happen via email. If you are trying to reach a new lead or prospect, email should be your preferred communication channel. But finding the right business email for a prospect can be a challenge — almost everyone has experienced the frustration of searching a company’s site, LinkedIn, or Crunchbase trying to find an untraceable email. Email search tools exist precisely to solve this problem. Hungary Phone Number When you want to find someone’s email, just type their name into search, add their website domain, and boom: your tool will (usually) return an accurate email in a few seconds.

What to Look for in an Email Search Tool

Not all email search tools are created equal. When making your decision, you should look for a tool that ticks these boxes: Easy to use Email search tools are supposed to make your life easier. If using the tool is as difficult as finding the email itself, there’s no point in investing in it. Look for tools with clean, intuitive user interfaces and a search process that makes finding emails quick and easy. Search for group and individual emails There are two types of searches offered by email search tools: bulk and individual. Some tools offer both types of search, but some only offer one or the other. In a bulk search, you enter a domain name. And the tool returns all emails it can find for that domain.


Hungary Phone Number
Hungary Phone Number

RocketReach is another easy-to-use email search tool that also provides phone information in addition to email contact information. The tool offers group and individual search and allows users to filter their results with advanced search criteria for very precise results. If you want to automate your research, RocketReach’s API has your bases covered. The company also offers a Google Chrome extension so you can find contacts from LinkedIn, Crunchbase, and other similar websites. RocketReach announces a database of 430 million professionals from 17 million different companies.  With some searches returning accurate results and others returning completely inaccurate contact information.


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