Content marketing works the best on me. The whole business idea and my target audience avatar was completely based on my personal preferences. To keep the Manufacturing Email List marketing align with it, I decided against other marketing tactics for now. I also knew which topics I have Manufacturing Email List to cover. Marketing Meditating/Journaling Cheap Business Class Flights Book Recommendations Manufacturing Email List Whiskey. Recommendations Time Management The topics of my content marketing should be at least somehow related to backpacks, so I’m sending targeted traffic to my site who are more likely to buy.

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I chose to go with the general topic of Manufacturing Email List entrepreneurship put under the headline of the popular kids game “I packed my bag”. This could Manufacturing Email List also become a cool email series. To collect emails I installed the Sumo app for Shopify and set up a Welcome Mat. Screenshot Manufacturing Email List I set it up as an “Instant Landing Page” to prevent people from scrolling. Screenshot showing settings on the Sumo dashboard As soon as someone enters their email address Sumo will redirect them to the checklist

Manufacturing Email List

Feature inside Sumo (see below). Screenshot showing settings on the Sumo dashboard In order to get the ball rolling and start collecting email addresses. I reached out to everyone in my personal network who has an interest in the topic of entrepreneurship. Screenshot showing a Manufacturing Email List Messenger conversation And that’s how I got my very first subscriber! Screenshot showing subscribers for an email list Additionally, I asked if they could share it with 1-2 people who they thought will benefit from it.

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