Netsuite recently announced that its core product suite, Bronto Marketing Platform, has been granted “end of life” status. This means that the Bronto Messaging Service Provider (ESP) will no longer be available after May 31, 2022. For Bronto users, now is the time to select and migrate to a new ESP. The right ESP is key to a successful email marketing program, but choosing the best one for your business and migrating to new software can seem Saudi Arabia phone number daunting, especially when you consider that brands need a fully functional ESP. during the busy fourth quarter holiday marketing season.

How to Select the Right Email

Before you can select the best email provider for your email marketing goals, you need to know what you’re looking for. There is no single email provider, so you need to determine your specific business needs. Make a list of must-haves and must-haves, then see how the different ESP options fit those criteria. When you enter the decision-making process well-informed, you can find an email provider that truly meets your marketing needs. “The ESP landscape has changed significantly in recent years. Many start-ups have come to challenge existing players with new and innovative ideas and are changing the value proposition.

User Experience

Email Database

Most ESPs have the same basic email marketing features; however, different platforms offer different levels of sophistication, automation, and customization. An ESP designed specifically for small businesses may have a much simpler user experience than one designed for an enterprise marketing team that requires advanced features and a more encrypted email provider. When choosing an ESP, consider your team’s technical knowledge as well as the difference between the new platform and the current one (and how much you’ll need to adapt from one to the other). Likewise, ESPs can vary when it comes to email design capabilities. Creating emails via HTML is available on any ESP,

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