numbers to orders, doing this will tell you how many items were purchased throughout the month). Screenshot showing a chart for spying on competitors If you want to estimate your competitors revenue. You can then use your own average order value multiplied by the order volume you found from above. Once you find out who is pulling your customers away from you, you can dig deeper to find out how they’re succeeding, turn the tables on them. And become their biggest competition. 3. FIND THE “DIAMOND SKU” Every Shopify shop has a “diamond SKU.”

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Never heard of it? Well, you should listen in closely, because this is a big secret that you’ll want to know about. A diamond SKU is a top-selling Shopify product that is not sold on Amazon. That’s because Shopify owners don’t want to sell their best-selling products on Amazon for everyone to list of telephone numbers in india see. Everyone knows how to monitor the competition on Amazon. If you don’t want people to see which products are your top sellers, you’ll hide that product and only sell it on your Shopify shop. But we know how to find the diamond SKU on a Shopify shop. Screenshot showing the “best seller technique” Just add /collections/all?sort_by=best-selling to

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The end of any Shopify URL and look it up. For instance, in the tennis shoe example, you might enter into your browser and see the following results: Screenshot showing an ecommerce page showing shoes. This “secret” page will show you which products are the best sellers in this Shopify shop or category and how much they charge for each item. There are three ways you can capitalize on this newfound information: If you sell the same product, offer it on Amazon  and make a killing.

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