Black Friday sales achieved a record $7.9 billion in sales — 18% higher than the previous year.[*] If the trend continues, this year’s Black Friday will be the attorney email list biggest yet, which could mean the biggest sales day of your store’s history. And given that email marketing had the attorney email list highest conversion rate of all marketing channels for. Black Friday/Cyber Monday last year at 4.29% (for Shopify store owners), you’d better be getting your email campaigns right!. In this article, I’ll reveal: 1 5 Black Friday Email Campaigns You Can Copy 2 3 Subject Line Secrets To Get 26% More Opens

You Can Steal (Templates Included)

Biggest Mistakes Marketers Make With Black Friday Emails 5 BLACK FRIDAY EMAIL CAMPAIGNS YOU CAN COPY. Here’s what you came for — five Black Friday email campaign types you can steal. Straight To The Point Suspense Is Killing Me Scarcity Giveaway Surprise, There’s More! 1. attorney email list EMAIL The first way to entice your customers is a simple, what-you-see-is-what-you-get email. This email from Shopify store BB Dakota uses big, bold lettering to tell you their discount: Screenshot showing a BB Dakota sales page I love the big,

How to Build an Opt In Email List

Bold 50% OFF that draws the eye and attorney email list entices you to keep reading (and click “SHOP NOW”). Get The “Straight To The Point” Email Template Let’s keep going. 2. THE “SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME” EMAIL Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? If you have, you know what it’s like to have that suspense building as you scratch each box, waiting to see if you’ve won. You can use that same feeling of suspense to your advantage this Black Friday! Here’s how Forever 21 did it. GIF showing a black friday promotion page They created virtual “scratch cards” in their Black Friday email campaign.

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