Because the snapbacks are not our key-product we didn’t choose to purchase them in bulk up front. We used a print on demand service called Printful. As soon as someone orders that snapback at our online store, Printul will print the cap on demand and ship it to the customer. This is an easy way to get started, but if there’s an increasing demand we will purchase snapbacks in bulk to be able to offer faster shipping and better customer experience. The integration with Shopify works very smoothly via their Shopify app. Screenshot showing Printful Shopify app I only had to upload the HYKE logo

Email Opt in List

and the app automatically created a mock-up. Picture showing HYKE hat Quality-wise I knew that the snapbacks from Printful are top-notch. I’ve worked  elenco numeri di cellulare  quality of their snapbacks. I don’t know the quality of their other products, so we decided to not blindly sell other products for now. Having changed the website a bit, we also decided to change the Instagram account. elenco numeri di cellulare When I first uploaded content on Instagram, I made the decision to upload funny memes, motivational quotes, re-post great images and promote my product.

Building From Scratch

As the website and the overall brand image now changed to a more simplistic look. The Instagram account should also match that look. I removed almost all images and uploaded the pictures I currently have of the backpack. Screenshot showing HYKE Instagram gallery For now, we looked at Instagram as another form of a sales page. Real social media marketing (i.e. engaging with other people or strategically using Instagram stories ) is something we will consider once I finish my military training. The first real marketing step we took was to start a giveaway at the end of week six.

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